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Practical Information

Lebanon Map
Lebanon, a country of myths and legends, has a very long history full of trade, investment and tourism. Given its location on the Mediterranean, Lebanon is known by archeological remains of its largest cities: Beirut, Byblos, Sidon, Baalbeck,Tripoli, and Tyre.




3.7 millions (1995)


10,452 square kilometers


Arabic. In addition to their native language of Arabic the average Lebanese are often fluent in French or English .

The Lebanese flag:

The Lebanese flag is divided into three wide, horizontal stripes with red on top and bottom, and a wider white stripe in the middle. In the center of this white stripe is a green cedar tree, the emblem of the country.


Democratic Republic, with a parliamentary system and a cabinet of ministers.Its constitution is based on the separation of executive, legislative and judicial powers.The 128 Members of Parliament are elected for a four-year term. Lebanon is divided into six regional governments, or Mohafazzat: Beirut, North Lebanon, Mount Lebanon, South Lebanon, The Bekaa Valley and Nabatiyeh.

Passports & Visas:

Foreigners holding a valid passport, wishing to visit Lebanon, can obtain a visa from the nearest embassy or consulate. Residents of USA, European Union, Arabian Gulf & Malaysia can obtain visas at Rafic Hariri International Airport - Beirut . For updates on visa information, contact the Lebanese embassy or consulate in your country or visit the General Directorate of the General Security Website.

Customs & duty free allowance:

Personal effects are exempted from taxes. 2 bottles of spirits & 500 grams of tobacco or 400 cigarettes or 20 cigars are allowed per person.


Lebanese pound (LBP)


Typical Mediterranean climate enjoying 300 sunny days per year. On the coast winter is moderate & summer is warm/hot & humid. In the Mountains winter is cold with snow covering highest peaks from December to April while summer is fresh & cool.

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