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Home > About Us > Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

The Man of Trust



Lebanon’s men mirror the scientific and cultural dimension of their country.

Lebanon is famous for its rich history. Its diversified geography. Its unique political system, both indispensable and multidimensional. Its free economic model. Its people, open and hardworking. Its tolerant and magnificent capital Beirut. Its generous mountains. Its fertile Bekaa Valley. Its resistant South. Its patient North. Its excellent universities. Its brilliant hospitals. Its captivating and attractive banking system. Its welcoming airport. Its pioneering national airline.

For every one of those reasons and for much more, Riad Salamé was meant to become governor of the Central Bank.

Twenty-five years have gone by with that patient man leading our Lebanese monetary empire. He has broken all records and received all types of titles, posts, honors and salaries. A brilliant man. An architect of our present and our future. It is thanks to his efforts that we still have an unshakeable faith in our Lebanese pound, our banking system and, most importantly, our Lebanon.

A faith so solid that no Israeli aggression, no perpetrated attack, no endless political jolt, no economic crisis (some of which were said to lead us to a catastrophe) could ever defeat it. Every time, we would overcome all these difficulties in the smoothest, most inexpensive way there ever was.

The Central Bank used all the means at its disposal: interests, interventions, financial engineering. And, most of all, there was always the public and world’s trust and faith in Riad Salamé. He is an institutional man like no other. Brave, calm, stable, competent, independent and not at all pretentious. He has the gift to address all generations, the youth and the elderly.

Twenty-five years by the side of Middle East Airlines and by the side of every Lebanese out there, whether living in Lebanon or abroad. It is a lifetime, a one-of-a-kind experience. Difficult missions were met with unexpected achievements. Riad Salamé is the story of the Lebanese success, the faith in Lebanon, in its banking system and in its Central Bank. He is the governor at the service of the Lebanese pound.

To Riad Salamé, for his 25th anniversary as head of Lebanon’s Central Bank, in my name and in the name of the Middle East Airlines family, we respect and salute you.

Mohamad A. El-Hout
Chairman - Director General
Middle East Airlines - Air Liban

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